Board Of Regents Case Study

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The Campaign: NY State is applying for a waiver from the requirements of NCLB on February 21st. This waiver will be submitted by the NY State Board of Regents. Among the provisions that they can request a waiver for is SES. We want to make sure that parents know that there is a possibility that their children may no longer be eligible for free tutoring under the No Child Left Behind Act. There are a number of ways that they can make their voice heard. First and foremost we are asking parents to show up to the Board of Regents meeting on Tuesday so that they can show solidarity and let the Regents know that they want them to keep SES. All parents are being asked to do is show up from 9am till noon during the Board of Regents meeting. They will be given signs and/or T-shirts to show that they support SES Tutoring. The Rap:…show more content…
My name is __________________ and I am with Learner First. Your child _________________ tutors with us (only if their code is Active [AC] or Approved [AP] otherwise you will say that “your child received tutoring with Learner First in the past”) and we wanted to let you know that the future of Free Tutoring may be in danger. The NY state Board of Regents is asking for a Waiver from the requirements of NCLB and we want to let them know that SES has helped our children and that they should keep Free Tutoring in their plan. They are having a meeting Monday and Tuesday and we are asking parents if they would be able to go to the meeting on Tuesday from 9am till noon to show support for Free Tutoring. You won’t have to speak. We just want people to show up and perhaps hold a sign. Can we count on you to be there to show support for
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