Bnw Ch 12-13 Qs

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Brave New World Chapters 12-13 Questions 2. John clashes with the people and the ideas of the New World because he is different. For example, he clashes with the people and Bernard when he does not go to the dinner party. He does this because he is angry towards the society’s ideals and beliefs. Another clash would be between John and Bernard when Max interrupts him from reciting a poem; “Orgy Porgy” (183). This caused Bernard to dislike John because of his jealousy. The final clash is between Lenina and John. John scares Lenina and threatens her because she wanted to have sex with John. His anger caught his emotions during his clash with Lenina. 3. In the incidents of John rejecting Bernard’s dinner, Helmholtz disagrees about love and family. John and Lenina reflect love; both characters try to clear their position. For Bernard, his opposition comes from anger, jealousy, and vengeance, “Helmholtz and the savage took to one another”, “Bernard felt… a pang of jealously” (182). John responds to this, and Bernard is angry towards John for not going to the party, with indifference he does not act upon any will to appease Bernard. John did the right thing for not apologizing, but he should have been more careful of Bernard’s rude outbursts. 4. It's ironic because even though Lenina says she will always like John, she would never be able to marry John because she can't just be with one person for the rest of her life. I think it says that some people do feel differently about love, some can commit to loving just one person for the rest of their lives, but some cannot. 5. Huxley’s point in this section is to show the hypocrisy of love and people 6. Bernard is a very shallow, resentful, vengeful person. This is evident when he mentions that felt “a sharp pang of jealousy” when John and Helmholtz get along well. We see hoe petty and jealous he can be
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