Bnp Paribas Questions Essay

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Bnp paribas questions Being a dominant player in the Eurozone BNP Paribas and its strategies are of crucial importance currently. This would make it an exciting opportunity for learning and understanding both how the practicalities of the business work as and how the world is trult interconnected. This would also illustrate and allowe the true organisational culture and how BNP Paribas is trying to achieve the efficiency. Moreover, corporate finance at BNP Paribas seems to be very diverse, hence ensuring wide exposure to different matters. Currently corporate finance department seems very enticing because of how important it is for the companies customers. When economics and politics mix and match and the forecasting of future becomes impossible, many companies need to achieve stability or raise funds. Furthermore forming good and direct customer relationship and understanding their needs is appealing to me personally. Outline / give an example of when you have had to influence others and adapt your behaviour in order to achieve a goal. What specific approach did you take to ensure others were fully engaged? What obstacles did you face? What was the outcome and what did you learn? (250 words max) I believe a group work is an ongoing effort of both influencing others and adapting our own behaviour. Due to differences of backgrounds, personalities, goals and perspectives everybody has a different approach and ideas. This is good at the brainstorming level, however, not so efficient once the implementation stage starts. On my first exchange semester our Macroeconomics professor established an all term long ongoing group work. It is chaart llenging to start work with complete strangers when none of their habits are known. Especially so, when different cultures mix in one group. Each group was supposed to be a team of a consulting agency, and as in reality we were

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