Bnd It Like Beckham - Core Concepts Essay

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Relationship between the Core Concepts and ‘Bend it like Beckham’ Introduction: The movie ‘Bend it like Beckham’ incorporates a plethora of concepts and themes that are essential to comparing the Indian culture with the English one. This movie emphasizes how the society views Indian culture and assists the viewers in understanding the stereotypical gender roles of said culture. It provokes the idea that the Indian culture lives in the past, as a way of keeping tradition, and ignores the much-needed acceptance of equality of all individuals regardless of their gender. The movie cleverly expresses many topics of Indian culture, such as the traditions, arranged marriages, duties of women and interracial relationships. Persons: Jess’ identity grows stronger with every scene, as she puts more on the line to follow her dream. She becomes a stronger-willed and a more determined individual, and she slowly strays from her cultural traditions and becomes accustomed to the modern English society. She is reluctant to lie to those around her to play the sport she loves, but she was one of the main characters who adapted and changed themselves because they were experiencing a culture clash. It also becomes apparent that ‘football is taking Jess away from everything her parents know’, and that she isn’t fully aware that by achieving her dreams, she would have to sacrifice her cultural morals. Society: London is based on a modern-day society, and although it is multicultural, it still urges those that are living in the past, such as Indian people, to adapt to their way of living. The Indian community is very close, and gossiping about other families is not unusual. In this movie, Jess has to make decisions that are against her family’s wishes, but normal for the English society. English people are also highly flexible to what an individualistic female’s dream should be,

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