Bmw Recall Analysis

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Introduction BMW is recalling nearly 250,000 X5 and X6 SUV models worldwide because the power-assist for the steering may fail. These fault vehicles could suddenly leak power-steering fluid. That would result in the loss of power assist, and it could lead to a fire in the engine compartment. BMW said the steering gear was not correctly machined. There were no accidents reported related to this defect. The recall affects X5 xDrive 35d models with diesel engines from the 2009 through 2012 model years. BMW will recall 29,800 X5s in the U.S. and another 5,500 in Canada, according to documents posted by U.S. and Canadian safety agencies. The rest of the vehicles are spread across the globe. The problem was discovered in Canada in 2011, where BMW had received 85 reports from dealers or warranty claims about the problem. BMW owners were notified about the recall on June 2012. Mechanics at BMW dealerships will inspect and, if necessary, replace the flawed steering gear for free. Other companies recalled models like Chrysler which recalled 87,000 Chrysler 200 sedans and Ford which recalled 83,000 Ford Explorers due to loss of power-steering assist in 2011. These problems are taken very seriously by many Road Safety Boards as it deals with the safety of human beings. Detailed Analysis of the Problem Due to the improperly machined steering gear surface Major problems can occur causing the power steering fluid to leak onto the hot exhaust and cause a fire in the engine compartment. Also the bolt holding a belt pulley can loosen and break. If that happens the SUVs can lose power-assisted steering, increasing the risk of a crash. If the bolt breaks, the SUVs still have manual steering, but it takes far more effort to turn the wheel, especially at low speeds. The leaking power steering fluid is a result of a “machining error” in the steering gear surface during the

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