Bmi-Body Mass Index

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Running Head: INEQUALITIES Inequalities Brittany Redding MAT 221 INEQUALITIES Am I considered overweight? Recent American health studies conducted by CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and other professional medical organizations conclude that while it continues to be absolutely imperative that society recognizes the importance of recognizing the impacts of some popular habits and conditions of our daily routines, such as smoking tobacco products, that easily and negatively affect the life expectancy of our population, we should pay even closer attention to the rate of obesity among humans. Professionals say that nearly two-thirds of all Americans are of excess weight. The affect of too much body fat or being overweight proves to have the same effect on the human life span as smoking can. It is important to know your weight and how it affects your health as you aim for a healthy, longer life. The study of determining the difference in life longevity and health of the average person when considering normal weight, overweight and obesity is reflected in Body Mass Index (BMI). Normal proof of body mass index or BMI is formulated by dividing your weight in kilograms by the square of your height in meters. This calculates your weight and height in the metric system. The official formula of BMI_703W/H2 is then used. In this formula, W is your weight in pounds, while your height in inches is substituted by H. Calculations for BMI or Body Mass Index can show the possibilities of my being normal, overweight or even obese as an average person. It can say basically, if I have unhealthy body weight, making me more vulnerable to various diseases

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