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Blueprint Essay

  • Submitted by: tara19
  • on October 7, 2013
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Suspense, it is defined as a state or condition of mental uncertainty or excitement, as in awaiting a decision or outcome. It is a great literary device used by any great author to increase interest in the dialogue or story. Another way authors can keep their readers on their toes is through deception. In the book Now You See Her, James Patterson utilizes deception to enhance interest and suspense, let us now discuss how he did so. First, when information was undisclosed that Peter was the killer. Secondly, Jeanine lying about whom she is to her daughter and fellow colleagues with a new identity. Lastly, Jeanine lying about her death to everyone in Key West.
To commence, lying is a common behaviour and a part of human nature. From fixing the trouble in our lives, trying to protect yourself to even just escaping a bad consequence, people lie and they do it often, as shown in this book. People also deceive for their own selfish gain such as presenting a good image in front of others, like Peter did in this book. He lied about who he was to several people including Jeanine and the readers. The readers would have never guessed that Peter was the serial killer because Patterson made him up to be extremely charming and sweet. This was a huge shock in the novel when he admittedly claimed to be the “Jump Killer”. “You still don’t know what’s going on, do you? Even now. Of course not. Precious little Jeanine always kept in the dark. My orders come from Frank; Jeanine…There is no Jump Killer. There never was one. There’s just me. Frank and me. It made the book very engaging and was a very suspenseful moment in the book.” (346). This example proves how deception can be used a catalyst for interest.  
To continue, another example that showcases Patterson’s use of deception to increase suspense was when Jeanine found out that her husband was the “jump killer” and decided to fake her own death and let everyone believe she was murdered. “Nineteen young women had gone...

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