Bluefin Tuna Essay

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December 1, 2011 Paul Guernsey College Composition Final Conservation of the Bluefin Tuna Bluefin Tuna, or Thunnus thynnus by its Latin name, is one of the largest, fastest swimming, and beautifully colored fish in the entire ocean. Their coloring is made to camouflage themselves from both above and below with metallic blue on top and shimmering silver-white on the bottom. Their bodies are torpedo shaped and built for speed and endurance while hunting for food, or being hunted (National Geographic). bluefin Tuna are prey only to some marine life such as, some whale, shark, and marine mammal species. With highly migratory species like bluefin tuna, management is complicated because these species migrate thousands of miles across oceans and international borders and are fished by many nations. Unfortunately humans are also hunting the majestic bluefin Tuna; not only are they being hunted but they are almost extinct due to the amount of human predation. Commercial fishing is the reason the bluefin Tuna is listed as critically endangered and needs to be conserved. There are some unique characteristics about this specific fish. The bluefin tuna are warm blooded, a rare trait among fish. This means they heat themselves when they are in a cooler environment, and cool themselves when they are in a hotter environment. To generate heat, the tuna will convert the food that they eat into energy. They must eat a lot of food, compared with cold-blooded animals, to maintain a constant body temperature. Another characteristic that makes the bluefin Tuna so unique is its size. The size of the bluefin tuna is massive in both weight and length. Tuna can reach weights of five hundred and fifty pounds and have an average length of six and a half feet. These aren’t the only characteristics that make the bluefin tuna desirable. Unfortunately for the species, bluefin meat also

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