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BLUE SKY LAB REPORT Purpose: The purpose of this lab report is to see whether or not we could recreate the color of the sky with milk added to water and a flash light. In class we learned about what makes the sky blue and how it becomes blue due to our eyes and white light. Hypothesis: The sky is blue because blue light is scattered in all directions by the tiny molecules of air in Earth’s atmosphere. I do think you can recreate the color of the sky in a glass of milk with a little water added to it because the sky and the milk are both originally white. The flash light gives off white light, white light has all the colors of the rainbow (Red, orange, yellow, green,…show more content…
Procedure: 1. The first step we did in our experiment is we took school milk and added it to a little bit of water in a cylinder. 2. Next, we took a flash light and flashed it upward but couldn’t really see any colors. 3. Then, we flashed it forward through the cylinder and saw a little red but little to less of any colors 4. We then used store bought milk with a little water to see if there was a difference in school milk and store bought milk. 5. With the store bought milk we flashed the flash light above the cylinder and could see blue and a little red/orange sunset in the bottom of the blue. 6. Finally, after setting the flash light in different positions with the store bought milk it showed the same colors no matter what position with the color blue and a little sunset under it with the color red/orange. • Blue sky When we used the store bought milk you could see the blue no matter what direction and a little red below the blue, but when we used the school milk you could see little to none of blue. • Red/…show more content…
My hypothesis was proven correct because in the chart the data shows that blue sky and red/orange sunset did work with store bought milk even though we messed up a little bit with the school milk being too thin. In the chart you can see that no matter what direction you pointed the flash light in you could see the blue sky and red/orange sunset with the store bought milk because it was thicker than school milk, so my hypothesis was proven correct. The reason the school milk didn’t work is because it was too thin and whenever light is reflected through an object or substance if the substance or object is too thin it will shine right through the object so using school milk went a little wrong in our experiment and using the store bought milk helped us see the blue sky and red/orange sunset because the milk was thicker. Since the store bought milk was thicker the white light from the flash light shined on the milk and scattered all its colors (even though you can’t see the colors) and the milk absorbed all its color letting the blue reflect off the milk, and also a little bit of red/orange reflecting under it, letting us being able to see the blue sky with a red/orange sunset. The experiment when great even though we did have an error with which type of milk to use, but now we know not to use store bought milk next time. The blue sky is a

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