Blue Ocean Strategy

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1.0 INTRODUCTION Businesses strive to survive in the market place. Market boundaries exist in mature and competitive market but they could be reconstructed by a firm in order to create uncontested market space. To develop strategies that will allow a new business create an uncontested market place strategic move must be in place. Strategy development is a creative process that requires the business owner having a vision of what he wants the company to achieve in the short and long term. Most Industry falls under the group of Red Oceans. This denotes all the existing industries and also referred to as the market place. Blue Ocean is a strategy that allows companies to mature in demand and separate from the competition and create uncontested market space. The market place stands for all the industries that exist and can be termed as the red ocean. Blue Oceans denotes the industries not existing. There are examples where the creation of blue oceans surpass boundaries existing in the industry; majority of are created from by growing existing industry boundaries. Most companies or industries three decades back were unheard of or were just emerging but now it’s a different story. The point is industries are never stagnant. Companies continue to develop, operations progress and market expands. History has shown that the ability to produce fresh industries and reproduce current ones is underrated. 2.0 PHILOSOPHIES OF BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY 1. To restructure market boundaries. 2. To concentrate on the big picture 3. To Stretch beyond current demands 4. To achieve the strategic sequence correctly 5. To Astound major organizational obstacles 6. To Form execution in top strategy The effect of blue oceans creation brings about progression in companies proceeds and returns, shows that there was a high percentage rate of total revenue and total profits reflecting the

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