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the red water, where a shark can devour you at any moment. Blue Ocean Strategy Paper In today’s rigorous business market, competition is a major factor of concern for nearly every organization or company in business. There are two different types of market strategies that any company can choose to take. There is red ocean strategy and blue ocean strategy. The red ocean strategy is typically since as the more difficult of the two options but often the most commonly used. Red ocean strategy can be defined as a market with tough competitor, offering similar products or services and competing for the consumer base. Organizations in the red ocean strategy are often out trying to perform each other for minimal margins of profit. Examples of organizations in the red ocean market are Coca- Cola and Pepsi or Wal- Mart and Target. The blue ocean strategy is more unique but faces its own difficulties. The blue ocean strategy is a market where organizations create a new demand for consumers. In this market, fewer competitors exist because a new service or product is being created. This strategy introduces new opportunity for organizations entering a new market but can be risky because the demand is not established. A great example of a blue ocean market is Disneyland or Cirque du Soliel. The blue ocean strategy can also be defined as a market that breathes in new life or reinvents an old consumer demand. For example, not too long ago a highly intelligent business took his children to an amusement park. When the family got there they were less than impressed, the rides where not well keep, the food was of poor quality, and the environment lacked comfort and customer service. Instead of seeing a run-down amusement park the father saw opportunity. This man decided he could create a park that would offer exceptional customer service, highly maintained attractions,

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