Blue Note Essay

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Crash is a movie which goes through the accounts of several different people of different ethnicities. However after watching it numerous times, this movie made me think about the expectations and preconceived notions we all have about each other. From the crooked cop (Matt Dillon) to the innocent locksmith, I was barraged with images that I often saw in myself and what others expected. From the beginning of the movie the audience is introduced to Ludacris’ character who appears at first to be a cynical black man who contradicts himself by judging those who he feel are judging him. At this point I felt like I could identify with Ludacris’ character because I have a habit of judging those based on past experience or intuition, but I have never really given myself a chance to actually get to know a person instead of judging. This is a problem I feel a lot of people suffer from and we build false expectations of people due to our prejudgments of people we do not even know. I was also able to identify with the officer that Don Cheadle played in regards to the fact that he neglected his family at one point. I was guilty of this myself but fortunately I made sure that did not persevere long. The turning points were significant for each person, although I feel that Ludacris’ partner did not really have one due to his death. Terrence Howard’s character turning point occurred when he was called the N word by another black man. He became tired of being suppressed by other people for living the way he felt he needed to. From this expectation he had he was forced to live with internal depression, but he finally stood up for himself to preserve the dignity he felt he lost at one point. This movie has taught me that everyone portrays a stereotype at one point whether we are aware of it or
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