Blue Is My Favourite Colour Essay

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1.Favourite colour All people have a favourite colour, including me, my favourite colour is I am going to speak about my favourite colour so my favourite colour is white; it signifies peace, kindness and humanity. Everybody likes this colour as it suits their dignity and it combines with all colors.When ever I go for shopping, i purchase white apparels as it suits me. Most of the celebrities opt for white apparels at functions too. It is the second colour in Indian flag. Everything in white is beautiful and appreciable... Thank you Color can influence our emotions, our actions and how we respond to various people, things and ideas. Much has been studied and written about colour and its impact on our daily lives. A colour that is favoured by one person may be despised by another. When I close my eyes and visualize, the only colour that clicks my mind at first is the colour, blue. Blue is known as the coolest colour. Blue is the colour of universe and nature such as sky, ocean. Blue is a calming colour that makes it as a wonderful colour to use in the home, work. Furthermore the reason i like blue is because i have come across some facts about the colour itself. Blue is considered beneficial to mind and body In India, blue is thought to bring bad luck and is associated with mourning. However, it is the colour of erotic passion Krishna, the god of love, is always depicted as being blue. 2.first day of college after long vacations, I was just waiting for my college to start and I was very excited as well as nervous also. I had no old friends, was just searching someone, who could be very friendly, but, could not find anyone, because of my shy nature. On my way to classroom I met some seniors of third semester; they look a little intro, and guided me the way to the lecture room. I woke up early, which was quite unusual especially after the long

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