Blue Eyed Essay

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Blue Eyed Documentary: Essay Jane Elliott is a primary school teacher turned humanitarian who fights for an anti-racial society and is against any form of racism or discrimination. Elliott’s personal views on equality, freedom of rights and family are demonstrated throughout the documentary Blue Eyed in which follows Elliott and her methods to put a stop to racism. Elliott’s methods gathers a large group of participants, divides them into two groups, one called the brown eyed group and the other the blue eyed group. The brown eyed group is the superior group and get all the privileges throughout the day whereas the blue eyed group get nothing but picked on. The blue eyed people represent the positions of the black African Americans and the brown eyed people are the “white folk” discriminating against them. Elliott’s views are made evident throughout the documentary through the crucial use of documentary conventions. Documentary conventions were successfully used in the documentary to reinforce Elliott’s views and persuade the viewer to accept them as there own. Elliot feels very strongly about the importance of education and teaching people about all the kinds of discrimination relevant in modern day society. Elliot uses the participants' own emotions to make them feel discomfort, guilt, shame, embarrassment and humiliation. Elliot’s use of confrontation is deliberate to remove white people from their comfortable privileged lives long enough for them to learn about what is going on around them. At a point in the documentary one of the participants has an emotional break down and gives in, sheds tears after trying to rebel against Elliot, he remains quiet and indifferent as Elliot continues to break him down, to show that this happens on a day-to-day basis, that its happening now. An audio code is used when Elliot says: “Did I teach him something….Yes, was it a
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