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Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina ABSTRACT Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina is the only South Carolina-owned and operated health insurance carrier. They have been in operation for more than 60 years. They received the best rating of A+ (Superior) - making them the only health insurance company in South Carolina with this superior rating. They offer the largest provider networks in the state, offering members the greatest choice in doctors, hospitals and other health care providers. They have a large variety of health plans, discounts, added values and online services to fit every budget and lifestyle. The company started with a priest, a business man and a journalist, South Carolina Monsignor George Lewis Smith, Roger Huntington of the Greenville Hospital Benefit Association, and Columbia journalist George Buchanan shared a mutual vision. They wanted to create a non-profit prepaid hospital plan for the State of South Carolina. As they received community support, the men began lobbying the General Assembly for legislation to begin the company. Their vision became a reality in 1946 when the General Assembly passed legislation to create the South Carolina Hospital Service Plan. This was the original name for what is now Blue Cross – Blue Shield. The first board of directors met in April, electing Roger Huntington as the company’s first president. The first few months were busy ones for the new company. Before the State Insurance Commission would issue a charter, they had to show that they had at least $5,000 in assets. Funding from across the state started to come in and on December 11, 1946, the South Carolina Hospital Plan received its charter. The next spring, the company merged with the Hospital Benefit Association of Greenville, which gave them an early financial base. By the end of that same year, they were insuring almost

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