Blue Collar Immigrants

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Blue collar Americans are being forced into meager living situations to survive the downward economic slide in the Midwest. At first thought of the Midwest most would assume a slower lifestyle with a middle class standard of living, but with a closer look, one could see that most families are living below the standard poverty line. Some families and individuals are forced to move in with friends or family just to survive; others have had to relocate and move to find new opportunity, as in the case of Mr. Webb who is thinking of moving to Arizona which would force him to take his elderly father in which he cares for. Some could argue the fact that these families are not trying other means of income or changing their trade to make ends meet, when in fact wives are taking on second jobs, veteran workers are taking overnight shifts at…show more content…
The problem people fail to realize is that these people were barely able to make ends meet as they were, not to mention if they have children who will have to leave their friends and start all over at a new school. Now if there were some sort of relocation assistance set up by the unions for union jobs and government assistance for non-union jobs. This money could be paid back at low interest rates over time so the families can get a fresh start on a better life. A better life for people such as Jeffrey Evans would begin with the tough decision to start all over again. For many, however, this decision becomes increasingly difficult with age. Job prospects for the working class seem dismal. Combined with previous disappointment that makes the idea of training for new careers seem even more pointless. Will better circumstances be around the corner for people like these? Only time will tell. When that time comes, hopefully Jeffrey will have found the will to get out of his rocking
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