Blowback Essay

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Argumentative Essay Blowback Blowback is a well-known terminology to the US government and CIA. Not all American citizens may know of the term blowback and its meaning. However, in the book Eagles Shadow the author Mark Hertsgard states the definition, ““Blowback” is a CIA term for how foreign policy can come back to haunt a country years later in unforeseen ways, especially after cases of secret operations” (80). The US in the past has encountered blowbacks including: the 9/11 attack and the Iranian Hostage Crisis in 1979. However, the blowback does not only transpire here in America it happens in other countries as well. Chile is one example where blowback didn’t occur in the US; however it was a blowback to the US because they didn’t see this coming. US military involvement abroad after WWII often caused blowback. Many US involvements abroad have helped people in the book Eagles Shadow Mark Hertsgard gives some positive examples. The author states, “Nor have all of America’s overseas military interventions been on the side of darkness. When the Serbian dictator Slobodan Milosevic was orchestrating the slaughter of countless innocents throughout the territory of the former Yugoslavia in the early 1190s, the powers of western Europe responded with little more than pious hand-wringing. The United States did not react as quickly as it might have either, but in the end it was American firepower that stopped Milosevic” (85). Mark Hertsgard goes to list plenty of other examples where the US involvement abroad is positive including places such as: Kenya, Moscow, China, and Zimbabwe. However, most of US involvement abroad often caused blowback. One of the examples that show that how our foreign involvement can cause blowback is Afghanistan. As Mark Hertsgard states in the Eagles Shadow, “The CIA supported Osama bin Laden from at least 1984 as part of its funding
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