Blooms Taxonomy Essay

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Blooms Research and Response
Jennifer Crane
June 24th, 2013
Gina Stephens

Blooms Research and Response
Blooms Taxonomy of Education is a communication between caregivers for patient education and related issues to patient care. The research done by Bloom is a valuable tool for Nurses to communicate with staff members and their patients. There are three domains involved with taxonomy: Cognitive, Affective, and Psychomotor. Each of these domains measure the level of understanding achieved. In this paper will teach how learn how Bloom’s Taxonomy applies in a case study, how it is a benefit to nursing instructions and will describe each domain.
The case study is with Ms. C, a 64 year- old postop open cholecystectomy with respiratory failure. It is stated that ((Burton & Larkin, 2008) “Ms. C underwent surgery without complication; however, in the post anesthesia care unit (PACU) she required extra oxygen therapy. Despite her need for oxygen, she was transferred to the postoperative unit without oxygen.” The nurses did not transfer the patient with oxygen, communicate that she needed oxygen, and it lead to other events of miscommunication among staff members. Failure of shift to shift report, style of charting, lack of critical thinking, and nurse ratio of patient care led to a near death event.
Blooms Taxonomy was incorporated in a workshop by the floor manager, clinical nurse specialist, and the unit educator. The workshop was focused on correcting the situation of Ms.C for future patients. The tools used were progress notes, lab values, physician’s orders, operative reports and radiology reports. The workshop consisted of nurses who recreated the shift to shift report upon data collection. The gathered information revealed that there was a communication breakdown and area of concern.
The application used for the case study created a system

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