Bloody Chamber Quotes

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Bloody Chamber – Important quotes. Page 5: “ He had invited me to join this gallery of beautiful women.” The theme of beauty is presented through the Marqui’s many wives, “ He had invited me to join this gallery of beautiful women.” This emphasizes the narrator's youth and her husband's experience as he has ‘many beautiful women’. The quote also foreshadows the Marquis's view of women and the danger he poses to them. It is quite ironic because if they were so beautiful why did he find the need to kill them. The fact he also invited her, suggests irony in his characterization because he is showing her where she will end up. Marqui, shows her the gallery of the beautiful women, in order to show her what she was getting her self into, therefor showing she was not forced and she went in with her own choice. Page 11: “The lilies I always associate with him; that are white and stain you.” Imagery of the lilies' apparent purity suggests the narrator's innocence and the Marquis's sexual corruption. Lilies are traditionally a symbol of chastity and virtue; to the narrator, however, they are 'funereal', associated with death. Flowers suggest a link to the fairy-tale context, such as the rose in 'Beauty and the Beast'. The fact she describes him as white, is ironical due to the fact white is associated with purity, and he would be the complete opposite. Especially because he has had many wives, so he would be beyond pure. A motif for death and the relationship between the Marquis and nameless female protagonist. Also foreshadows the events of the short story, a gothic technique. Page 14: “ I clung to him as though only the one who had inflicted the pain could comfort me for suffering it.” The heroine feels instinctively that the Marquis's desire for her is tied with a love of destruction. What makes the heroine appear so powerless to the Marquis and
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