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Bloods This article is about the Los Angeles gang. The Bloods gang are also not to be confused with the United Blood Nation. Founded|Mid-1972| In|Los Angeles, California, United States| Years active|1972–present| Territory|USA-wide| Ethnicity|Primarily African American| Criminal activities|Murder, drug trafficking, robbery, extortion| Allies|People nation, Latin Kings, United Blood Nation| Rivals|Crips, Folk Nation, Surenos| The Bloods are a street gang founded in Los Angeles, California. The gang is widely known for its rivalry with the Crips. They are identified by the red color worn by their members and by particular gang symbols, including distinctive hand signs. The Bloods are made up of various sub-groups known as "sets" between which significant differences exist such as colors, clothing, and operations, and political ideas which may be in open conflict with each other. Since their creation, the Blood gangs have branched out throughout the United States. Bloods have been documented in the U.S. military, found in both U.S. and overseas bases. Gangs in some European countries including England, Holland, and France pledge their allegiance to the Bloods but they are not thought to be directly linked to sets in the US. History The Bloods gang was formed initially to compete against the influence of the Crips in Los Angeles. The origin of the Bloods and their rivalry with the Crips dates to the 1970s, where the Pirus street gang, originally a set, or faction, of the Crips, broke off during an internal gang war, and allied with other smaller gangs to found the gang that would eventually become known as the Bloods. At the time, Crips sets outnumbered Bloods sets by three to one. To assert their power despite this difference in numbers, Bloods sets became increasingly violent, especially against rival Crips members. The Pirus are therefore

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