Blood Type Essay

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Lab report: Blood Type Our lab for today was to analyze blood types, but more specifically our own blood types. The possibilities for blood types are the following: A, B,AB and O. To find out which blood type you are we have to take a sample of blood from the person and test it with different Antigens to confirm or discard a specific blood type. If you have the A antigen your blood type is A. If you have Antigen B your blood type is B. If you dont have either Antigen you have blood type O. If you have both Antigen you have blood type AB, also the least common of them all. After finding what blood type we must find what specific type of diet is used for that specific blood type. Also what makes your blood type unique and how much your personality has to do with your blood type. After using the blood type test the results showed that I have O + blood. This means that my blood did not contain A antigens or B antigens. Also means that O blood can be donated to anyone. Type O blood is known as a universal donor, it can be used for people with type A blood, type B, and type AB blood, although they can only receive blood from another O type donor. O type blood represents a 37% of caucacians, 47% of african americans, 53% of hispanics and 39% of asian people. Blood type is inherited by the parents, which can vary your blood type, unless both parents were O, then that would mean you too will be O blood. It is believed by experts that O blood is the oldest blood type in human history. It can be traced back to early Cro-magnon man an average of 40,000 BC. O blood types have certain characteristics that make us unique from everyone else. This does not mean this is a good thing since it means that O blood types generally have a predisposition to certain diseases like iodine deficiency which
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