Blood Spatter Lab Report

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Now i am a scientist- what can i test? Now i am a scientist- what can i test? Name: Chloe Hammond Introduction: (400 words excluding the hypothesis) Splatter patterns are blood spatters at the scene of a crime can be useful in reconstructing what and how events took place by determining the location of the source of the blood source or the direction of movement. Blood spatter can also help determine whether a person was at the crime scene during the offense. There is a very basic classification system of spatter patterns, which is based upon the velocity of the object causing the impact upon the blood source and the size of the resulting blood pattern or spatter evidence. (Deviant Crimes , 2011) This experiment is basically about seeing how height…show more content…
GPE=mass x gravitational constant x height. (How Gravitational potential energy affected by height?, 2013) Risk management: Table 1: Hazard | Dangers | Action required | Disposal | Safety | Paint | Got into eyes | Wash out with eye wash. | Wipe other paint on face | Safety glasses | Paint | Slipping | Clean up as soon as you see spill. | Put paper towels in bin | Clean up after yourself and any messes. | Running around | Tripping people | Stop right away and if someone is hurt take the blame. | Clean up any spills | Don’t run in a science lab | Mucking around | Bumping things(people) | They can knock something over it can cause an explosion, harm someone, start fire and have to evacuate the science lab. | Clean up any spills | Be careful in science lab. | Distracting | Distract people whilst they are doing something physically | Help if help is needed. | Clean up any spills that may have been caused by the distraction. | Don’t distract people in the future. | Materials and methods: Results: Qualitative observations Quantitative results Discussion: (600 words) - five paragraphs Appendix: i) Raw

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