Blood Red Boot Camp Descriptive Writing

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It is a Friday and the sun is blinding bright overhead. My pants have a crease that could cut through steel, like a hot knife through butter. As I walked up to the building at Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS), I could feel my heart beating as if my life just started; my palms are moist, mouth is like a desert, and my feet know not what they are walking into. I press the buzzer, “Ding Dong”; the door makes a sound as if to say, “Open me.” Passing through the archway I find myself standing on a blood red carpet, and people in uniforms are all around me. Some of them had colored ribbons and medals as vivid as the sky is blue on a clear Saturday afternoon. I approached the first counter in my field of view, “What am I supposed…show more content…
With nothing more to do before my journey begins the weight on my shoulders is growing heavier with each step. I feel like I am in a game of double Dutch, everything is ready and it’s my move. Finally, we make it to the end of the passageway and everyone takes a seat and starts conversation. I overhear two guys talking about what they are going to do after they get out of boot camp. I don’t know how anyone could be thinking that far ahead; I can’t get my mind off of making it through the first night. I look to my left to strike up a conversation with the recruit next to me and I spot Capt. White standing in the back of the room just scanning over us, just like a wolf picking a sheep out of the heard. Just then, fast as a blot of lighting, Capt. White darted up to the first recruit in front of him bent down and smashed his face with the face of the other recruit and with a roar ask him, “Are you ready recruit!”, looking back at Capt. White the recruit was speechless as if he was a baby that didn’t learn how to communicate. Then one-by-one the Captain when around the room and asked each one of use the same question, “Are you ready?” When he arrived at me I was motivated so much that I let it rip, “Sir, Yes, Sir!” He continued on down the line and after he had asked everyone there we were lined up, military file in hand and boarded on a…show more content…
I found a seat towards the back of the bus and sat down. I remember sitting there with this manila envelope that contained my life now. The semi motivational pep talk from the Captain has put my mind in a new place, a place of unlimited success and opportunity. The last thing I could remember before I got off the bus is, “This is it, this is where my life as man begin and my life a child ends. I think the words of John F. Kennedy said it best in his Inaugural Address, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for

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