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Blood Pressure Essay

  • Submitted by: Ellie981
  • on April 15, 2012
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In the novel ‘Blood Pressure’ by Alan Gibbons we follow Aiden from the suburbs of Surrey to downtown Liverpool. Aiden believes he is going to visit his sick granddad, but is thrown into a world of gangs and crime. Aiden finds out many family secrets that he usually in any other circumstances would not think were true. In the novel we also meet Deegan, a gangster and drug dealer, who has returned from Spain to fight for his turf. We also meet Jade a tough girl, with a hard exterior , but on the inside shes vulnerable and craving to be loved. The Gunslinger is a constant threat throughout the novel. The main themes of the novel are crime, family, high tension and relationships.

The title of the novel is ‘Blood Pressure’ and these aspects are referred to in many ways. Throughout the novel the title is referred to is through violence. The Gunslinger is one of the main characters who is ruthless and violent: ‘That’s the way of the world, Predator, pray, hunter, hunted’. This quote although it does not relate to ‘Blood’ or ‘Pressure’   this relates to violence due to that the worlds always the same the predator always hunts the prey. This quote portrays as a ruthless character, by the wording of the quote, it seems the Gunslinger may be the hunter. Another way violence is shown during the novel is when Deegan has been shot: ‘ Another had torn a gouge out of his throat, like a plug letting the life board drain way in a hot red stream’. Figurative language is also used throughout the novel. This particular quote is using a simile, by saying blood is like a stream flowing from the wounds Deegan has suffered. Aiden is also drawn into using violence at the end of the novel. ‘He felt the revolver, cold   and heavy in   his hand’. Aiden   is seeking revenge because Tony has just shot his biological father. He tries to use the gun Tony used but is coaxed out by his grandfather.

Another important theme is family. Aiden had what he thought was a stable family with both his...

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