Blood Island Essay

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Blood Island H. Terrell Griffin Blood Island by H. Terrell Griffin is a mystery story unmatched by any other book because of two specific reasons, which is the way the author uses his multi genre usage, and his unique storyline. Multi genre usage in this book involves action, mystery, and some heart-stopping events, in which Matt Royal (the main character), kills some men. The storyline in this book is not confusing, but rather misleading due to the fact that when you think the story will end with certain events, the least expected breaks loose. The genre of this title is undoubtedly an action-mystery-thriller combination. The mystery part in this is the missing teenage girl, who is Matt’s ex-stepdaughter. The action/thriller part in the book is all the times where Matt is in a fight (which isn’t very rare). In Matt’s frequent tussles, he often injured or even killed his obstacles. Even though Matt kills his opponents, he has the law by his side, for he is an ex-lawyer and knows the sheriff well. Some very important events for the story happen in the beginning, starting with Matt first discussing Peggy’s disappearance. Matt and his friend Logan started the search almost immediately, but not knowing why, were shot at. Matt was able to call the police and avoid the flying bullets, Logan doing the same. His evidence moves elsewhere and he follows with it, speaking with people who had last seen Peggy. When he met with his long lost colleague, he told him where she was but also told the dangers of the island she was on. Matt gathered some scuba equipment and rented a boat so he could get to the island. Matt found out that the island was part of a religious group of Christians run by a man called Simmerman who was schizophrenic, talking to who he heard as god. Simmerman had planned to blow up half the world with suicide bombers. Mad enough that he had shot
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