Blood in Blood Out

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I saw the movie, Blood In Blood Out. It started three family members; two brothers and their cousin. All three members are latinos and in a gang. Miklo is the cousin who is light skin latino, looks more white than latino. Paco, a former boxer and head of their street gang Vatos Locos. And Cruz, an artist, is Paco’s older brother. In the movie, Miklo wants to join the gang but needs to be initiated and earn his placa (gang tattoo) by representing the gang. So he decides to go after the gang’s rivals, 3 puntos. Both gangs go to war and Miklo gets shot by a stray bullet. They get in a car crash trying to run away from the police. They all run away but Miklo can’t move, so Paco decides to stay with his cousin in the car. They both get arrested, but Miklo is 18 years old and is sent to San Quentin. Paco is under 18, and decides to take the judges option and go into the marines. In San Quentin, Miklo is introduced to a new society, prison life. The gang society is made up of three gangs; La Onda (made up of latinos), BGA (Black Guerilla Army, made up blacks), and AV (Aryan Vanguard, made up of whites). The AV wants Miklo to join their gang because of his skin color, but he chooses to join La Onda. But first must prove his loyalty to the gang by committing a test. He completes his test and is helped to La Onda. Miklo later earns his parole and is released. He tries doing the right way of life by working but is presented with an easy way of making money, robbing an armored car. He tries robbing the armored car but is interrupted by Paco, now a detective, who was given a unanimous hint. Miklo tries to run away but in his attempt Paco shots him in the legs causing his leg to be amputated. After, Miklo is sent back to prison and after a series of events is named the head member of La Onda. Miklo soon orders La Onda to set hit on BGA and AV head members. After Paco comes to talk

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