Blood and Gold Essay

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When a person gains insight, it is said that he learns a greater understanding of himself and his life in a certain situation. Most people gain insight due to an event or happening in their life. In the Book Blood and Gold written by Anne Rice, Maruis de Romanus was a normal human until the age of 40. After one horrifying night he was forced to become a vampire and was denied his human life so that he could serve a group of Celtic druids and their “God of the Grove”. The Druids betrayed him when they took away his life; they took away his mortality for their usage. His transformation into immortality is what gives Marius insight. When you’re a human you have a short life and may not get to experience fully what life can give you before your death. But, when you’re an immortal you suddenly have Centuries to live. According to Marius, immortality is both a blessing, and a curse; he bears “witness to all splendid and beautiful things human.” When you become a Vampire, it is said that you have been dealt a “fate worse that death.” You will spend decades, then centuries with nothing but loneliness. That is unless you have a companion to spend your eternity with. When insight comes, that is the moment that you finally realize that you will never again be human, you will never enjoy the taste of food, you will not be able to interact with humans for they are not to know what you have become, you are eternally alone. After becoming immortal, Maruis soon becomes the caretaker of “Those who must me kept.” These people were the mother and father of all the vampire kind, Akasha and Enkil. He looks after them and has to protect them with his life. Also, during his two thousand or so years of life, he lives in a number of different places around Europe. He first lives in Antioch, then Rome, then Constantinople, and other places as well. During his life he also had many

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