Blood for Sale Essay

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Plasma International Company is in the middle of a dilemma, both moral and corporate. Plasma International provides "safe, uncontaminated and reasonably priced whole blood and blood plasma" to disaster areas as well as to other people in need. It seems that this company has turned to local African tries to provide a pure blood supply at prices as low as 90 cents per pint, and resells it to desperate hospitals for $150 per pint. Politicians and the media were having a "field day" with this latest-breaking story. The local community of Tampa, Florida is in an uproar, and has demanded that Plasma International's licenses to practice business be revoked. One of the company's founders, Sol Levin, has already been called into testify before the House Subcommittee on Medical Standards regarding Plasma International's "sale of blood for profit." Some of the issues hotly debated include the moral abuses of the naive African persons, the "exorbitant" profit netted, and the company's earning from others' pain. Community leaders and spokespersons have expressed their shock at Plasma International taking advantage of the "poor" Africans, by paying them a pittance for their blood. The company counteracts with tribal chieftains, after negotiating with the State Department and the national government. The money they earned, the company argues, is spent on unspecified commodity maintenance costs. One can guess there would be fees for storage, screening, and transportation, to name a few. The company is also providing a needed service, being that reliable, pure blood is short in stock and highly demanded in times of crises. Though this company is under fire for many of its activities, several widely accepted ethical procedures can be interpreted to approve of Plasma International's work. Similarly, popular moral standings condone its decisions and feel that the business strategy

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