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Blood Feuds In the stories “Why I Live at the P.O.” by Eudora Welty and “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker, one can see the theme of sibling rivalry. Sibling rivalry is a type of competition between children. The children compete for the attention and approval of their family members and peers, against one another through their various accomplishments, both of which are very prominent in the stories. Even after growing up, sibling rivalry still exists. While sibling rivalry can sometimes be healthy for a relationship, it can also harm relationships. In “Why I Live at the P.O.” the sibling rivalry is between sister and Stella-Rondo. Sister tells the story from her point of view where one can see the sister is jealous and resents her sister Stella-Rondo. In Sister’s family, lying and misinterpreting the truth on purpose are a daily part of their conversations. They do this for no reason so much that it seems to have become a habit for the family. This is especially true for Sister and Stella-Rondo’s relationship. Throughout the story one can see examples of how Stella-Rondo twists Sisters words and turns the family against her, giving Sister reason to resent her. For example, when Stella-Rondo shows up back home unexpectedly, instead of being happy about the arrival of her sister, she immediately remembered how Stella-Rondo supposedly broke up her and Mr. Whitaker, a photographer, by creating a lie about Sister. While Sister seems to be at odds with her whole family throughout the story, she especially holds a grudge against sister for stealing away Mr. Whitaker. Sister does not believe Stella-Rondo when she says that her 2 year old daughter, Shirley-T, is adopted. When Sister makes a comment about how Shirley-T looks just like “a cross between Mr. Whitaker and Papa-Daddy” (Welty, 43), Stella-Rondo gets angry at sister for mentioning her daughter after asking

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