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Blood Diamond The Analysis Zacharias Ilse Candance Manzueta Graham Maxwell Alisa McGoughey Adam Vigil Executive Summary The purpose of this report is to summarize and analyze the movie entitled, Blood Diamond. The first few pages will discuss the movie background and particular issues that the film addresses. Next, the issues discussed are the stakeholders and what affect the movie details has on each. Next, the responsibilities of the company involved in the movie are highlighted followed by that same company’s actions dealing with its responsibilities. And finally, and perhaps most important, would be the recommendations on what the company could have done better. Often, bad situations are not addressed unless there are mass crimes committed. This film indicated how important materialist items are more important than human life. What were the issues? “The Year 2011 has the chance to be a watershed year for the African Diamond Trade. For the first time since the implementation of the Kimberley Process an African State the Democratic Republic of the Congo has the rotating Chair of this Process. So the question that needs to be asked is” What Agenda will the DRC Promote while in charge of the KP?”1 Under several different circumstances, the American people have penetrated African to acquire earthly materials. These items include ivory, oil, gold, and blood diamonds. Each time, this affected the African culture in a negative manner. It lead to the deaths of many African people because they needed individuals to work the mines. However, none of the individuals who were mining for diamonds were able to keep any of the diamonds. If they were caught taking a diamond, they would be killed, or their hand would be cut off. It was to make an example of them before the other workers and a means of using fear tactics to keep the other miners from thinking about

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