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Blood Diamonds : Innumerous lives were taken away, so many families were divided, cities and villages destroyed, while women and children were enslaved. This dreary description is spun from the devastated country of Sierra Leone. All these injustices are due to an illicit trade of diamonds in that country. For many years, blood diamonds have been the main source of funds for rebels. In turn, allowing them to support and finance their reason for conflict. Hence the name, conflict diamonds was created. Due to all that has been done and said to stop the illicit trade of diamonds, the conflict has come to an end. The importance of ending the conflict also surrounded the assurance that no person will be harmed again during the manufacturing of those diamonds. However, an important question still remains. Were all those efforts efficient enough? Is the level of awareness to this problem high enough to stop or prevent another diamond conflict in the world from taking so many innocent lives? To prevent the selling of illicit diamonds, there are five vital barriers which must be implemented. The five key elements, in need of conflict diamond awareness, in order to avert the perpetuation of economic and moral devastation include exporters, importers, sellers, the consumer market, and the United Nations. The setting of devastation of the diamond conflict is located in Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone is a small country in West Africa and is positioned right on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. This small country is about “half the size of the state Illinois and has about 6.2 million inhabitants”(Sierra

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