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Melanie Womack Orr Professor Raj Guar COM 312 12 February 2013 Blood Diamonds: A Critical Analysis Stephen Kendrick, the author of The Love Dare once said, “Almost every sinful action ever committed can be traced back to a selfish motive. It is a trait we hate in other people, but justify in ourselves (Kendrick).” Blood Diamonds is an overwhelmingly emotional and thought provoking example of this concept, encompassing a variety of situations that exhibit political inequalities, as well as, actions that illustrate lack of ethics and morals. Just as the title indicates, the main focus of Blood Diamonds is merely just that, the extraction of diamonds by any means necessary, even if that required spilling blood. Those who sought out the diamonds had their own selfish reasons for attainment, whether it be for power, family or financial gain. There are several critical topics worthy of analysis, inclusive of conflicts, inequalities, compromise and etc., only a few will be addressed in this paper. However, for one to identify and fully understand the key concepts of the movie, the plot must first be addressed and briefly assessed. Blood Diamonds, directed by Edward Zwick, begins in Sierra Lionne in 1999, opens with scenes that focus on Solomon Vandy, a fisherman, and his young son Dia Vandy. These two characters, whose facial expressions exhibit a life of serenity, poise and contentment is soon shattered and distorted when rebels invade the villages, Solomon and his family call home. Invaders, who were referred to as the Revolutionary United Front (RUF), took Solomon as prisoner, forcing he and other men of his village, to work in diamond mines in search for diamonds. While working in the diamond mines, Solomon discovers a large rare, pink diamond. The discovery of this diamond quickly unfolds into a bloody battle between the powerful and the powerless in a

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