Blood Diamonds Essay

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After researching the topic of Blood and Conflict Diamonds I have found that in Sierra Leone, there has been an ongoing fight over valuable diamond deposits. These diamonds are mined and sold worldwide to buyers who are unaware as to what is going on behind these diamonds. The exact reason why these diamonds are considered Conflict Diamonds or Blood Diamonds is because of the ongoing murders, gunfights, and horrible mutilations of the young and old behind the mining of these diamonds keep occurring. These hand-mined diamonds are also considered Conflict Diamonds or Blood Diamonds because they are typically hand-mined within a warzone and then sold in the underground diamond market (“Blood Diamonds and Conflict Free diamonds”). I found while researching that numerous conflicts keep happening that are revolved around these diamonds because the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) and other rebel forces located in Sierra Leone use the diamonds to finance insurgent activities, civil insurrection, or attempts to invade neighboring territories. The diamond-financed civil unrest has historically taken place in other regions aside from Sierra Leone. Regions like Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Liberia have experienced this diamond-financed civil unrest (“Campbell”). These conflicts started taking place in 1991, when the rebel army leader Foday Sankoh founded the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) which failed insurrection from 1991-2002(“Blood Diamonds and Conflict Free diamonds”). When a few hundred men crossed over Liberian borders and started attacking towns in the Eastern and Southern ends of Sierra Leone to get to the diamonds that were located around the villages (“Brown”). In 1992, the conflict started rising and becoming a greater problem than what it was before. Men in the National Provisional Ruling Council (N.P.R.C.) started up in war with the RUF rebels.

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