Blood Diamonds Essay

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Alan-Micheal Johnson 9 December 2011 An Economic Interpretation of the Movie Blood Diamond The impact blood diamonds and diamonds in general make on the economy is on a grand scale. Diamonds are a rare stone with certain qualities that create a high demand for the consumers. Because it is rare that also means that it is scarce, which creates a small supply. Blood diamonds are even rarer because of the location they are harvested and the methods of harvesting. They make it on the market without the consumer knowing the process and also nobody knowing that far more diamonds are withheld from the public to create a scarcity making the sale prices to go up, benefiting the seller. Diamonds can be found at various places throughout the world but blood diamonds are found in one particular location, Africa. The movie Blood Diamonds shows them in Zimbabwe digging up the diamonds. The reason why they are called blood diamonds is because blood is shed to get each and every diamond. The rebels in Zimbabwe will go into towns and villages capturing the men and boys who are able to work and killing everybody else. Most of the boys are turned into rebels to help them with their cause and the men are put out into the fields to look for diamonds. The economic impact they have is like nothing else. People in multiple countries conduct in the illegal trading of these blood diamonds such as England. The people who do the trading work in the black market so that they do not get caught by the authorities. The people who buy them will then store the majority of the diamonds that they bought then sell very little to the public. This causes a scarcity causing the price of diamonds to go up causing the sellers to gain a high profit because the people are willing to buy them. The process of the blood diamonds going from the fields to on a woman’s finger is done in a simple way but

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