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Cameron Merricks Dr. Franks January 28, 2015 ENGL1100 It all started with a movie. I was on my way into the house after tennis practice when I walk in to my entire family sitting down in the living room. I came in and sat down as they introduced me to the idea of family movie time. Heck yes! I love movies and my family. There are blankets on the couch all ready for me to just ball up and enjoy my movie. We got the cats running around being crazy just to add on to the homey experience that was about to happen. As I sit down I notice the movie on the table is titled "Blood Diamond"… That sounds scary. My brother pops in the DVD and of course in all good movies there has to be someone who does all the hard work, in this case it was Leonardo DiCaprio. Now we all have some good experiences with Leo but this one was going to be different and I knew that from the very start. The movie was placed in a foreign country, Kimberly, South Africa. The term blood diamond refers to a diamond that is mined in a war zone and sold in order to finance conflicts, so right there it is known there will be a lot of violence throughout the movie. There is one part in particular that kind of scared me in where the other main character Solomon Vandy takes one of the biggest diamonds he has ever seen and cuts it into his skin. I don’t mean to gross you out but this literally had me crying because of how good the acting was. This movie also had a lot to do with the political wars over in Africa and it moved me very deeply. These political wars have a lot to do with resources that the country an provide for its people but unfortunately, the ones with the power and the weapons generally receive the majority of the resources. The movie made me feel like we should take some things we have in the US that we look at as "extra" and to provide for those in need throughout the third-world

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