Blood Diamond Essay

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Blood Diamond “There are many victims of blood diamonds: The farmers crippled by landmines bought with diamonds The children who lose limbs to diamonds-mining terrorists The African miners who dig diamonds for a pittance under dangerous conditions The children and young people cutting gem diamonds in conditions the UN defines as slavery… … And the customers who buy diamonds without knowing what they are supporting” (Janine Roberts (2007) p.5) “Blood diamond”, the movie came straight up to my mind, the issues behind dazzling diamonds are not as nice as it looks. Back in 1999, the Blood Diamond incident started in South Africa and De Beers, the London based company was one of the first companies who were involved in the diamonds mining there. Immediately following their discovery, they were charged by The Department of Justice for violating the US antitrust laws due to their over one million dollars worth of growing stockpile of increasing rough diamonds. De Beers’ policy in the 1990s, which applied to all over Africa, was only to buy the diamonds that were legitimately traded and those that they believed were not used to fund rebel groups, although as a leader in the industry they came under scrutiny and were widely believed to be a prominent dealer of conflict diamonds. De Beers at its peak, conflict diamonds (blood diamonds) accounted for a very small percentage of the global diamond trade. However, the United Nations, Governments, NGOs, De Beers Group and the rest of the diamond industry recognised the need for a global system to prevent conflict diamonds from entering the legitimate diamond supply chain to fund conflict. ( 5 In 1999, in line with a zero-tolerance policy, De Beers stopped all outside buying of diamonds in order to guarantee categorically the conflict-free status of De

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