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Blood Diamond – DRAFT 1 To what extend does Edward Zwick, produce a successful portrayal of Africa’s lifestyle and enlighten the audience to the treachery that surround conflict diamonds in Blood Diamond? The film, Blood Diamond, depicts a nation on paths of declining function as a country and its war-inflicted tear upon itself. Involving the height of conflict and struggle of political, economic and social magnitudes and all else in between Sierra Leone’s Civil War (1996-1999), Edward Zwick directed a successful and engaging film. In isolation, the film solely basis itself around the double-edged sword that is conflict diamonds, bringing both wealth and turmoil following the three protagonists Danny Archer, Solomon Vandy, and Maddy Bowen. After Danny and Solomon meet in prison, the film depicts Archer’s search for the diamond and Vandy’s pursuit for his family. Thereafter, Blood Diamond paints the bloody portrait of Sierra Leone’s civil war of the 1990’s with the film’s most successful moments revolve around the pain undergoing there which the journalist, Maddy Bowen, attempts to enlighten America’s ignorant ways through an exposé in order to cause the ebb and flow of conflict diamonds. “the people back home wouldn’t buy a ring if they knew it cost someone else their hand,”[1] which Bowen highlights exemplifying the unknown sacrifice surrounding diamonds and the atrocity that America is yet to be informed upon. Nor one can ignore the greedy lust for diamonds fuelling Africa’s civil war, also providing the plot’s macguffin for the film. The film explores a meaningful theme, whether it’s the conflict diamonds affect on Africa, the hardship of a man’s desire to get his family back or just the painful lifestyle, one can be moved by such factual occurrences in Africa. Additionally, the director clearly had some deep thought into portraying Africa and the

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