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“Blood Diamond Movie Summary” Diamonds may enjoy a romantic image as a girl’s best friend, but I never really knew where diamonds originated. An engagement ring, a wedding band, or any other jewelry with diamonds can have an unpleasant history behind it. I often wondered where diamonds were produced, and then I ascertained through the movie Blood Diamond where some of these prized gems commenced. How would you feel if you found out these precious stones also played a far less appealing role? The diamond that you place on a loved one’s finger or one that is put on yours may have helped cut off the finger or hand of a child in Sierra Leone. Blood Diamond is set in the 1990’s in Sierra Leone, Africa. It involves a white man named Danny Archer and an African man named Solomon Vandy who are searching for an egg-shaped diamond which Solomon had found when he was taken from his family and forced to work in the diamond fields. While engaged in a battle, Solomon buried the large diamond in the ground. Danny knew very well about the struggle, search, and fighting for diamonds and the killing and murder that comes hand in hand with it. He also knew that an egg-shaped diamond is very rare, and he was willing to do anything to own it. In addition, during the movie an American journalist, Maddy Bowen, was destined to find out information about the blood diamond industry and their leaders, and she tries to get in-depth stories from Danny. Eventually, during Danny and Solomon’s struggle, Danny discovers that he actually needs Maddy’s help in dealing with the rebels. During this brave struggle, Danny and Solomon became close friends and they cared for each other. Both men end up finding the precious gem and Solomon’s lost son Dia. At the end of the movie, Danny dies from a gunshot wound during a battle to save Dia and Solomon. Eventually, Dia and Solomon escape with the

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