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- HOW DOES WILLY RUSSEL PRESENT THE THEME OF DANCING IN BLOOD BROTHERS - The theme of dancing plays a big part the play blood brothers. The image of dancing has many different connotations and this is demonstrated in the numerous times it comes up throughout the story. From the beginning we hear Mrs Johnstone singing the song Marilyn Monroe as she describes how her husband used to take her out, ‘and we’d go dancing’. Dancing is seen as a symbol of being beautiful and carefree. People dance at weddings, and parties and times of happiness. However, this may also show the superficial and short-lived happiness we feel when dancing, for a while you can be consumed by that feeling of leaving all your worries behind. As an audience we are given the image of a more youthful Mrs Johnstone able to dance the night away, being told she looks like Marilyn Monroe, which is in great contrast to the single parent and weary mother we see before us. Dancing continues to play a part s the boys grow up, later we see – ‘Mrs Lyons enters waltzing with a very awkward fourteen year old Edward’. Earlier on we dancing as a part of adult life, a tool for socialising and escape, but here maybe also as a metaphor for life. As a child he has little knowledge of it and is ‘awkward’ in trying to adopt the rhythm, it is his mother that guides him through these ‘first steps’. It is an emotive image to have of the mother and son, where she is acknowledging that he is growing up and preparing him for when he ventures on in to life, once he’s flown the nest. Mrs Johnstone sings again of dancing when describing how Mickey’s grown up- ‘he’s even started secret dancing’, almost tying in the theme of childhood, the initial innocence of ‘secret dancing’ ( keeping ‘secrets’ between friends is a big part of childhood and dancing is just moving to music as many young children will unashamedly

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