Blood Brothers - Drama Coursework – Part One Intention of the Playwright

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Intention of the Playwright Blood Brothers is essentially based on real events in the late 1960’s to early 1970’s, a time when there were many social, cultural and historic issues in Liverpool; Willy Russell was quite familiar with this; having grown up here and witnessed the changing society. I think his general intention was to depict the separation of classes in society and show how their lives are complete contrasts of each other. He wanted to show how much of a struggle it was for the working class citizens, shown by Mrs Johnston’s family, compared to a carefree and glamorous lifestyle of middle class families, shown by Mrs Lyons’. Russell shows that two boys (born at the same time) have different positions in society due to the money and housing, and it can really reflect on how they are brought up and different their lives will be. I also think the play highlights the importance of families; especially fathers. We learn Edward has grown up in a safe, secure family; however his father is constantly away at work, so it is left to Mrs Lyons to look after Edward by herself. Mickey’s life is also similar, in the way that he never has a father figure around, however he does have a kind, loving mother, who would do anything for her children. The absence of fathers allows Willy Russell to focus on motherhood, and how, no matter what happens, a mother will always be there for her child; even if their father

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