Blood and It's Composition Essay

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CHAPTER 20 – BLOOD COMPOSITION OF BLOOD Whole blood constitutes about 8% of total body weight, Plasma accounts for 55%, and the Formed Elements account for about 45% of the total blood volume. FORMED ELEMENTS – this term is used to designate the various kinds of blood cells that are normally present in blood. (Platelets, Leukocytes, Erthyrocytes) 45% PLASMA – is one of the three major body fluids, (Interstitial, and Intracellular fluids) are the other two. 55% BLOOD PROTEINS * Albumin (liquid gold) 57% * Globulins 38% * Fibrinogen 4% used in coagulation * Prothrombin 1% used in coagulation LEUKOCYTE TYPES AND PERCENTAGES * 60% - Neutrophils – acute bacterial, stress, and fungi * 30% Lymphocytes - viral * 8% Monocytes – chronic bacterial * 2% Eosinophils – allergies & large parasites * 0% Basophils – Inflammation **Neumonic – 60 30 8 2 0 – Never Let My Engine Blow (for Leukocyte type & %) PACKED CELL VOLUME (PCV) – hematocrit, used to describe the volume percent of red blood cells in whole blood. ANEMIAS – conditions that result in decreased RBC numbers, and characterized by a reduced hematocrit value. PHYSIOLOGICAL POLYCYTHEMIA (condition of many blood cells) – Healthy individuals who live and work in high altitudes often have elevated RBC numbers and hematocrit values. ERYTHROCYTE SEDIMENTATION RATE (ESR) – test for inflammation. BUFFY COAT – that thin white layer of leukocytes and platelets, present at the interface between the packed red cells and plasma. RED BLOOD CELLS ERYTHROCYTE – is unique in the fact, it does not contain ribosomes, mitochondria or other organelles typical of most body cells. It is a red protein pigment, hemoglobin. It accounts for more than 1/3 of the cell volume and is critically important to its primary function. * In Men – RBC counts average about 5,500,000/mm3 *

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