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A wide variety of organisms, including bacteria, viruses, prions, and parasites can be transmitted through blood transfusions. Some of the safety measures taken to ensure blood safety during collection, storage, and transportation are as follows: collection * The plasma is frozen within eight hours of collection in order to maintain the activity of factor V and factor VII. * Both blood and plasma transfusions must be matched to avoid an immune reaction. * Before anyone receives blood, both the blood and the person receiving it are tested carefully to avoid a reaction. blood cold chain for storage and transportation * As a biological substance, blood must be kept cold in order to reduce bacterial contamination and to prolong its life. * Whole blood is warm when collected but must be cooled down to 40C and kept at this temperature until the point of transfusion. * The blood cold chain begins at the time the blood is collected and continues until it is transfused. * The transportation of blood between and within blood banks and hospitals requires use of cooler boxes that are able to maintain temperatures over long distances. * Each blood transport box requires frozen ice packs in order to ensure an acceptable cold life (100C). * Blood storage units must be equipped with a continuous temperature monitoring system that records temperatures at least once every four hours and an alarm that sounds if temperature limits are reached * The maximum acceptable temperature for each type of component should be set (e.g., 6º Celsius for RBCs). * In the absence of proper storage equipment in the clinical area, staff should avoid sending for multiple packs at one time. * Blood should only be taken from the blood bank as it is needed for transfusion. * All potential donors are screened for health risks that could

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