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The Blood of the Lambs During the Jewish Holocaust, over ten million people were murdered by the Nazi party; one and a half million of them were children. Morality itself had collapsed. It was no longer obvious to differentiate between what was pure and what was tainted by the Aryan evils. Adolf Hitler’s desire was to make a pure and perfect race; a race lacking the flaws of those that he considered less than ideal, a race that seethed with the same hatred and prejudice, of the “Fuhrer.” Hate is where the story of the Holocaust began, but thankfully, it is not where the story ended. The sources that will be analyzed in this essay demonstrate how the Jews, Gentiles, and regular citizens of the world, risked their lives and safe being to help shield the defenseless adolescents from the fierce storm of dehumanization the children of the Holocaust faced. With a daily life filled with starvation, annihilation, and oppressive rule, the Jewish people dealt with a ragged existence. Families were destroyed, children were not able to run free with friends, innocent men and women were prosecuted for nothing, and then ultimately slaughtered. The impact of the horrible experiences the persecuted children encountered during the Holocaust is immeasurable. Of the few survivors who endured their childhood, many were emotionally damaged by the ordeal, some would never be able to relate the pain of their memories. Despite their traumatic experiences, many children survived the time, however, if a child was too young, it would immediately be sentenced to death; older kids could find themselves homeless, after being abandoned in a Jewish ghetto, and others would be forced into grotesque medical experiments, or the hard labor of work camps. The hardships, difficulties, and barriers that had been overcome by the innocent of the Holocaust are inconceivable. One cannot even

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