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I took down my blogroll a while back, mostly because it’s been the source of more headaches than happy feedback, plus when Shelley published her rant on how blogrolls are hurting us, I figured it was time for it to go. I don’t think it was all bad, though. I imagine it helped a few of you find other things to read, which is good. But I wasn’t ever really happy with it. Like Monica, I felt that a larger description was probably better, and I tried using the “hover over the link to get more text” thing for a while, but it still didn’t make me happy. Monica’s take was: Something that frustrates me in other’s blogs is an inordinately long, unannotated blogroll. I just trawl through and hit something at random, hoping it won’t be jaw-slackeningly dull. There must be a better way, non? So I’ve annotated mine to tell you a little about the links I love. Hover over them with your mouse to see text. I don’t think simply yanking it is good. As Scott pointed out in an email: Hmmm, taking down blogrolls ain’t the solution to Shelley’s problem. I found most of the blogs that I read on a regular basis by browsing the blogrolls of others. Only a few of the people I read on a regular basis link to other blogs, so, without blogrolls, my exposure to other blogs would be seriously limited. Imagine if every blog was like mine where I rarely if ever link to other blogs in my articles? How would anyone find each other? I think the solution is something different that just a straight list of links, though. First, it’s hard to maintain, and gets out of date. Second, people seem to think it’s all-inclusive, when it isn’t. And third, there’s not enough room to say much meaningful about the various blogs I link to there. Besides, I actually do link to other blogs here, so I think I have the kind of site where a blogroll might be superfluous. The solution I’m thinking

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