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Web logs have become more and more popular over the last ten to fifteen years or so. The term “blog” (shortened form of web log) was not coined until the late 1990s. The modern web log basically began as the online diary, where people could keep a running account of their personal lives and others could comment on it. Web logs started with the basic idea of being like an online “cork board”, where users could continuously post comments on someone else’s entry creating running conversations with “threads.” Sometimes web logs are used by new stations and the media to get information to the public in a quick, easy way. There are also many political web logs relating to the political parties and usually candidates running for an office of some sort. Web logs can also be used to create awareness for companies or groups in certain fields. Web logs such as question an answer forums can be very helpful to the public. People can ask a question and have it posted in the form of a web log to the Internet where anyone can answer it for them. I know it has been very helpful to me because there have been times I need a quick answer to something and someone else has already asked the same question so I can see every one's answers right then. There are also medical web logs out there where someone can ask a question and it is posted for the public to see but a doctor or medical professional is the only one that can reply so the information being given is correct and more accurate. Web logs are basically online diaries that anyone can see. Some sites only other users or your “friends” or “followers” can see what you post. This is good because in order to get onto the websites the only your friends or followers can see what you post everyone must have a log in and password. This creates a little bit more security because not just anyone can get on. Also, some blogs people can post

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