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In this article, it was stated that there were three types of marketing blogging – blogvertorials, business blogs and faux blogs. Faux blogs are not encouraged as it only seems to bring about obfuscation, where unpleasant facts are hidden, thus showing a lack of transparency. It is undeniable the company will be placed in a negative limelight, should they be exposed. Companies should therefore, not engaged in faux blogs though ‘framing’ (placing their company in a positive light through strategic communication). On the other hand, business blogs are highly encouraged as it presents a two-way symmetric communication framework, as a means to reach out to both internal and external relations of the business. It can also build, inform and pull customers. Customers are able to feedback/comment on the company’s product by leaving a comment in the blogs, and the respective personnel would be able to get back to the customers promptly, leaving customers satisfied at high level of customer service provided [building relationship]. In addition, companies would be able to make announcements in their blogs, to inform their respective readers/customers of any changes, be it a new packaging of a product, or a change in nutritional value of their consumables [Informing customers]. CEOs should also contribute by posting, thereby showing customers that despite their busy schedules, the end consumers are not neglected of. The CEOs personal updates could intrigue the readers’ interest and thirst for these corporate giants’ updates of their latest musings. In addition, blogs can be used as an internal communication within the company itself, through updates on the company itself or its industry updates, such as a breaking industry gossip, news or internal affairs. Business blogs can also be of interesting and multimedia-filled. It can cover some expertise knowledge in their domain, so

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