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Memorandum DATE: TO: FROM: RE: The Official Microsoft Blog is aimed to inform customers about new products and other novelties in technology world. Employees and executives share their perspectives on the blog as well. However, the ability to comment by readers is initially restricted. However, the Microsoft plans to enable the readers’ comments in near future. The blog owned and operated by Microsoft Corporation. As defined by Financial Times, the blog to be called organizational should meet four criteria: the blog represents ideas and thoughts of an organization (where organization refers to companies, corporations, charities, etc.), the URL includes company’s name (for example, the website contains the company’s logo or trademark, and the content of the blog is owned by company. The Official Microsoft Blog is an organizational blog, because it meets all four criteria. First of all, the blog represents a corporation (Microsoft). Secondly, the URL includes the corporation’s name It should be mentioned that Microsoft Corporation has a lot of organizational blogs and it uses TechNet platform for its blogs. Thirdly, the website contains the Microsoft’s trademark. Finally, the content of the blog belongs to Microsoft and the content has copyright protection. The Microsoft’s blog is organized in a clear and cohesive manner. The news rubric occupies most of the blog and the news is shown in the center. The news can be sorted by the latest added or views. On the right side there is a search engine, where you can search for a specific topic or news in this blog or in all blogs of Microsoft. Archives of news publications are shown on the right side as well. The blog also contains links to other Microsoft blogs, as well as to other Tech News blogs. According to the “The Words Man

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