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With the explosion of blogging all over cyberspace (the image that generates isn't too far from the actual truth), we were treated to a tidal wave of rampant masturbation and textual diarrhea. Our low-tolerance sensitivities being what they are, kvltblog was birthed in retaliation. Not in a defeatist 'If you can't beat em, join em' manner! Rather, it was a cunning anti-blog movement, ingenious and subversive. However, the plan was doomed to fail, since our deliberately nonsensical ramblings turned out to be far more articulate and thought-provoking than most people's genuine attempts at profundity, and as a result, our irony was mistaken for sincerity. Hence, we were left with only one recourse – to drink ourselves silly, and lament about the worthlessness of humanity. This was a tricky feat, since we're all mostly teetotallers. After we were hydrated back to sobriety, we took a unanimous decision (at least, one of us did) and left our anti-blogging ways behind us, quickly snatching up a you-are-elle and moving on to anti-siting. Note: This is different from aunty-sighting, which involves hanging around posh kiddie schools late afternoon and watching the MILFs show up. Raincoats are optional. Eventually, we came to realise that our new acquisition, cleverly dubbed KvltSite, was in fact our collective scribbling pad, a way to get over all the curve balls that reality threw our way, and forget about stupid things like alimony and child support. Sorry, too much info. Bottom line, we felt it worthwhile to talk about all the things that we got off on – music, movies, games, books, comics, se... (scratch that, alimony and child support have taught us our lesson). We did so in the hope that when others came along and heard of our tastes and recommendations, they would realise how awesome we were. Well, if they actually went and sampled some of the stuff we were

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