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Say Yes to Block Scheduling Block scheduling should be done in every school because it allows teachers to teach more curriculum, children had higher test scores, and it allows time for field trips and labs. Its scheduling layout has been made to accommodate many different students and teacher’s needs. Many people feel very strongly that block scheduling is designed to fit just about anyone’s needs and should be used in every school. Block scheduling is a way to give many different resources to the students who need them, such as time and extra help from teachers. It also gives students less classes to stress over, and it is a great way to prepare students for college. Schools all over the world are having debates on whether or not to have this type of schedule in their county. Block scheduling otherwise known as the 4x4 plan meaning four classes, ninety minutes long every day for the first semester. Next semester the children get a set of four new classes every day for the rest of the year. Block scheduling helps teachers spend time on what they are teaching instead of having to rush. “By allowing teachers to cover material in greater breadth and depth, longer amounts of instructional time have also been reported to enhance long-term memory processes” (Policy Research, 5). Block scheduling would make children broaden their horizon and learn more in on sitting opposed to having eight classes for fifty five minutes and having to take in all the information. Having a block schedule would allow children to focus on four classes and be able to excel in the class they are in. If their were ninety minute classes, teachers would learn an abundant amount about their students and that would grant them the pleasure of getting on a person level making the students’ progress easier to see children’s strengths and weaknesses. "There's time to introduce material, then

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