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Debate When I watched the 2012 downhill debate, I believed Obama won the debate. He was direct and straight to the point about his policies or answers. Also much more aggressive disproving Romney answers. Obama seem much more calm, and knows how to fix this country in the long run and short. Which makes me believed that he has a good character. Obama, was straight to the point answering questions from the audience. His stories about being raised by a single mother seem much more genuine. Talking about investing clean energy, which I strongly agree also. It will help our environment, so we will be less dependent on foreign oil. While Mitt Romney said the coal workers of the Us grab his arm saying " please save our jobs"; which I completely believe Romney was exaggerating. One of my favorite part of the debate was when Obama said " Gov. Romney doesn't have a five point plan; he has a one point plan. And the plan is to make sure the folks at the top play by a different set of rules." I really don't understand how Romney wants to be president, but has money saved in foreign banks which he always equivocate when it is brought up. I agree with Obama, that giving tax-cuts to companies that invest and give jobs right here in the U.S. Not to the companies shipping job overseas. That a strong middle calls will make our economy stronger, and is the key. Also that we should be the world leader on renewable energy and renewable technology, not China. So the U.S. should invest into it, so we can provide more jobs in the future and be ahead in that issue to China. This is why I believed Obama has good character; truly thinking about the future and to better this country. Obama demonstrate this to me with this debate is why I think he

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